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Article by: Sam Desmond, Suffolk County News

The children of an immigration attorney…the family has long known the struggle of those trying to make a better life and feel connected to giving a helping hand to those in less-than-auspicious starting points.

This includes a foundation, Hope for Youth, where David is a board member, that helps at-risk foster children on Long Island.

“We are about helping people,” said David. “Profit is a by-product.”

David and wife, Melissa, have started a [real estate] agency, For Good Realty, that further expands the altruism of the family with a twist that involves clients at the helm of good deeds: 5 percent of the company’s commission will be donated to a charity of the homeowner’s choice.

While the real estate firm only started a month ago, there are already six properties at various stages of closing, and Melissa is eagerly awaiting cutting checks for their partner charities.

The inception of the agency, much like the Zwaiks other businesses, came to be from a paucity in the field. In this case, Melissa had been working as a realtor and saw that other agents were lukewarm with their clients, resulting in a sense of trepidation, especially with first-time homebuyers who were new to the process, when agents did not come to milestone appointments like home inspections.

DJT Development had started with home renovations in lower-income neighborhoods and the Zwaiks became passionate about helping first-time homebuyers who did not have generations of familial experience with the process to help them.

“We are like a family,” said Melissa. “That is what sets our brokerage firm apart. There is a culture of helping and not one of competition so that the client gets the best representation and experience.”

When asked if their family brought them up with expectations of noblesse oblige, the Zwaik brothers were steadfast that it was not an overt expectation, but just part of their upbringing to serve others.

According to David, “We want to inspire people to pay it forward.”

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